Welcome to Language Lessons for Hearing-Impaired Classrooms!
My name is Rachel and I started this wiki to help other teachers (and myself!) with language lessons for students who are hearing-impaired. Here you will find a list of themes and activities that correspond with each theme.

Under each activity you will find:
* a descrpition of the activity
* directions to each activity (i.e. a short lesson plan)
* language goals that were used with that activity
* Teacher prompts/student responses
* a photo of the craft may be included
* links to websites where printables can be found

My hope is that other teachers will share their ideas here as well. If you have done an activity please share! Include everything that is listed above in a new activity please. If you have used an activity in a different way or used different language targets, you may also add to an activity that is already posted. If you would like to see a theme, feel free to suggest one or start a new theme yourself! Teaching is all about sharing ideas and learning from one another. I hope to do that here!