Fall vocab: leaf, leaves, rake, pile, acorn, red, yellow, orange, brown, pumpkin, squirrel, tree

Language targets: vocab, receptive language: what quesitons expressive: my
Read a fall story. I actually wrote one of my own to introduce the vocab I had choosen for the unit, but there are plenty of books to use find one you like and go with it.
I bought silk leaves from the dollar store in orange, red, and green. I put these in the guess bag. Each student took a turn to draw a leaf.
T: What color is your leaf?
S: My leaf is _

Take Nature walk to find objects you are talking about. We collected leaves,sticks, seeds. Took pictuers along the way to make a chart story. The students used the items collected to make nature pictures at centers that afternoon.

Who is under the Pumpkin?
Language targets: expressive language: under receptive langauge: Who?
Materials: pumpkin (real, paper or plastic), pictures of each student and folders
Have a pumpkin large enough to cover the child's picture. Put folders around the pumpkin so the students can't see who is hiding under the pumpkin.
Remove the folders and ask
T: Who is under the pumpkin?
S: __ is under the pumpkin.

Make Pumpkin Muffins
Language targets: pour, stir,
Materials: box of pumpkin break mix, muffin tins, eggs, oil,water and cooking cart.
Discuss with the students that you can eat a pumpkin! Talk about some of the things that you can make with pumpkins (pie, muffins, bread, etc)
Follow the directions on the box.
Give each student direction:
Open the box
Pour the mix in the bowl.
Pour the eggs in the bowl.
Pour the water in the bowl.
Stir the batter.
If your studetns are ready, of course add the present progessive form of the verbs and past tense.
We added chocolate chips to the batter, YUM!
Took pictures to make a chart story. Then turned the story into a book and put it on our bookshelf. The kids love to see themselves in the story!

Fall Bingo Game
langauge targets: same, not the same (different if your students are ready for it!)
Materials: Fall bingo cards, bingo chips
Have students draw a card, name fall vocab and say if they have the same picture or not.
Click the link below for premade bingo cards.
Bingo Cards

Fall Memory Game
langauge targets: same, not the same (different if your students are ready for it)
Materials: fall memory cards
Play the game memory.
When students turn the cards over they must say the name of each vocab picture and if the pictures are the same or not the same.
Click the link below for premade memory cards. I glued mine on index cards and laminated the cards.
memory Cards

Leaf Graphing on the Smartboard
Language Targets: adjective+noun (color leaf, number leaf) Receptive language: how many, what?
Materials: leaves in orange, red and green, smartboard
Give each student one or two leaves in differnt colors.
T: What color leaves do you have?
S: I have red leaves.
T: How many do you have?
S:I have 2 red leaves.
Then the student should come up to the smartboard and fill in the picture graph.
When done discuss most and least (this was an introduction for the group)

Leaf Sorting
language targets: Big, small, I have...
Materials: leaves in brown, orange red, guess bag and yellow. 4 Hula hoops.
Set hula hoops on the floor and sort the leaves by color first.
Put the leaves in the guess bag. Have each student draw a leaf from the bag.
T: What color leaf do you have?
S: I have a red leaf.
T:Where will you put it?
the student should put it with the other red leaves.
When the students are done sorting by color, take away 2 hula hoops. Put a big leaf in one hoop and small leaf in the other hoop. Talk about the sizes and how we will sort.
Put all the leaves in the guess bag. Repeat steps from above.
My class struggled with mixing the colors!

Center Activities

*Paper plate Pumpkins, either paint orange and staple a brown stem ontop or do ripped orange paper.
*Poke leaves in orange, yellow, red and brown (tape a large leaf sheet to the construction paper. the students poke the outline with a golf tee. Then take the top leaf off and under in the poked leaf! The kids love it, I make a big deal about removing the paper!)

*Ear of corn. Cut two ovals. Glue one on brown paper and cut the other in half. Glue popcorn onto the oval on the paper, then glue the two halves on either side to make the husk.
*Leaf rubbings. Collect different size leaves. Press in a book over night. Use the back side of the leaves to rub. Works soooo much better!
*Rice sort. I put the candy pumpkins in the rice. The students had to sort out the pumpkins using tongs and put the pumpkins in the buckets.
*Paint leaves copy leaves onto green paper then paint, red, yellow, orange, or brown.
*Apple, pumpkin or leaves pictures paint with dotters.
*Trace and color any fall picture.

Leaf Basket Upset
This game is played the same as Fruit basket upset but with 3 colors of leaves.
I put the kids in a circle and discussed the 3 colors of leaves.
Then I let the students pick out the color of leaf they wanted (I had precounted the leaves so that a good mix of colors was present).
Color out a color of leaf, only the students with that color leaf may get up and find a new seat.
When you call leaf basket, all the students get up and find a new seat.
When the students get a grasp of the game, start calling 2 colors together.


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