Around the House Theme
Introduce the topic
* Using any of the websites listed below, check out each child's address. Zoom in using the bird's eye view button to get a nice close up of the house. I beleive it was google that allowed me to get a street view of a few of the houses. Check it out before you do the lesson to see which site you like the best. Discuss the areas around the house. If they live in a subdivision or out in the country. Talk about apratment buildings vs. homes, etc. I pulled up pictures from using the creative commons search (this gives you permission to use the pictures in a non-profit manner).

Here is the link Just type your subject into the search. When the results come up click on advance search. Scroll down to near the bottom, click the creative commons licences box. This will show you only pictures that have creative commons settings. Great tool! You do not need an account to search pictures.

Rooms In a House
* Draw a house on the board (or if you want to get crafty make one out of bulletin board paper) divided into 4 rooms: living room and kitchen on the main level and a bedroom and bathroom on the upper floor. These are the 4 major rooms in a house, feel free to add more if the students know the name to any other rooms (i.e. den, garage, game room, etc)
* Ask the students to name the rooms. Write the names in each room.
* List items that belong in each room. You can write the words or use pictures.
We looked at some simple books when finished to see if we missed anything.

Bedroom book
Bathroom book

* Intorduce around the house vocabulary.
Great pictuers can be found at, click on "In the home"

Make a House
Language targets: Is questions, negative to be verb
* Using the templet from (see below) have the students make a house.
* Color/cut and glue on to construciton paper.
* Give each student a file folder (or 2 however many to hide their house).
* Set out household items from your vocabulary list
* Have a student pick one item to hide in the house. The student should say "I have the plate."
* Other students must ask "Is the plate in the bedroom?"
* Answers: "Yes, the plate is in the bedroom." or "No, the plate is not in the bedroom."
Rooms in the house in color

Rooms in the house Black and white

What are they doing Memory

Language Targets: he, she, is/are, they, present progressive verbs
*Print two copies of the "what are they doing cards"
* set out the cards face down to play memory.
* As students turn cards over teacher asks "What is he doing?" or "What is she doing?" He is washing the dishes.
* If students find a match teacher asks "What are they doing?"

Other Goodies
Printable story about houses

Mr. Roger's Neighborhood Game