I made a bunch of apples with the diecut machine in yellow, green, and red and laminated the apples to help make them last longer. I use the apples many times throughout the lesson (and for many years after!)

Language targets: noun+adjective, prepositions: on, off
Vocublary: green apple, yellow apple, red apple, stem, seeds, core, apple tree, apple flower (or blossom)

Introduce Apple
I hid an apple in a guess bag. Each student was allowed to feel the item and make a guess. We talked about what we felt. Pull out the apple. Discuss the apple. Color, shape, how it feels. Cut the apple and talk about the core and the seeds (I used an apple slicers so the core came out hole for us to see). We then ate the apple.
Review apple vocaublary pictures.
Read an apple story, there are so many to choose from!

Hanging Apples On the Tree
Language target: noun+adjective (color+apple) prepositions:on/off
Materials: apples cut in different colors, paper tree, tape

Draw a tree on paper, making it large.
Cut apples in yellow, green, and red. Let students pick an apple.
T: What color apple do you have?
S: yellow apple (push for more if you can)

Then give the students a directon;
T: The apple is on the tree or The apple is off the tree.
Ask the student: Where is the apple?
S: on the tree. or Off the tree. (push for more if you can)

Apple Tasting
Language: noun+adjective (color apple), I like... I don't like... I want to taste..
Materials: different color apples, chart paper, apple slicer, napkins

Discuss the apples and that we are going to taste each apple. Show the studetns the red apple,
T: what color is the apple?
S: Red apple.
T: Do you want to taste the apple?
S: I want to taste the apple. (or in my case, "taste apple")
Then cut the apple and let each student taste the apple.
Repeat with the yellow and green apple.
Lastly, have a chart paper made with 3 columns, one for red, yellow and green. Let students pick which apple they liked best and color a square. Color an apple picture the color of the favorite apple.
Can talk about which apple has the most and fewest. Which is the favorite color, etc.

Apples on the tree
Language: noun+adjective, preposition on, understanding "Where" questions.
Mateirals: apples cut in yellow, green, and red. Tree pictures cut in green, yellow and red.
Explain to students that we will be picking apples and matching the apples to the trees. Put the appels in a basket or bag. Let students pick an apple
T: What color is your apple:
S: yellow apple.
T:Where will you put the apple?
S: On the yellow tree.

Who Has the Apple?
Language target: receptive: Who, expressive: do not, have
materials: chair and plastic apple
Set one child in the chair with the apple behind them. He/She should tell the other kids "Don't take my apple!"
Turn around.
Teacher touches one child to go quietly up and take the apple. All kids should sit with their hands behind their backs. Teacher asks "Who has the apple"
Child ask each student "have apple?"
I do not have apple.
I have apple.

What is Missing?
Language: receptive: what?, vocab review
Materials: board with pictures on it. I have a board with velcro strips on it. I velcro the vocab pictures
Show the students the board review the pictures. Then turn the board around and remove one picture. Turn it back around and call on one student.
"What is missing?"
Once the students show mastery, rearrange the pictuers after each turn.
Make the set as large or as small as your class can handle.

Smartboard Activity: Koosh ball game with apple pictures.
language: receptive: where? expressive: on the tree, off the tree.
Play a koosh ball game with apple pictures.
I made the first page with apple pictures that linked to another page. On that page were pictures of