Age Target: Preschool

Vocabulary: eyes, nose, ears, mouth, colors, body parts.
Language goals: nouns, adjective+noun, (black hair, blue eyes), who, under

Read a story All About Me (there are plenty to pick from) Then have the studetns make a self portriat. We talked about what a face needs. Call out parts and have studetns point to each part. Then give them crayons and let them go! I like to do this activity mid year and end of the year as well. It's a nice chart of the student's growth.

Here is a good list of books to use with this theme

‍‍‍‍‍‍Make All About Me Puppets
‍‍‍‍‍‍materials: lunch bags, google eyes, different colored yarn, pom poms in different sizes and colors glue, crayons, and markers.
Language Targets: adjective+noun (yellow hair)
Vocabulary focus: eyes, hair, ears, nose, mouth
Give each student a paper bag explain that we are going to make silly people! Ask students "what do you need to put on the face?"
Add each item as the children name the body parts.
"I want yellow hair"
"I want white ears."
"I want a red nose." etc.
We made silly people so the color choices didn't matter!

Who is under the blanket?

Langauge Target: understanding "who" , preposition under.

Have the students sit in a circle, Pick one student to go out in the hall with an adult. Then hide one student under the blanket. Call the student from the hall into the class,
Ask: Who is under the blanket?
Student:" _ is under the blanket"

Body Part Bingo
Vocabulary focus: review body parts
Go to the following website to make the Bingo Cards, print in color if you can (this is a great site where you can print many different theme!). Then print the call cards. We played 9 square bingo where the entire card needed to be filled up to win.

Body Part Book
This is a good center activity. Print the booksfor either the boy or girl. Have students color and assemble. Then read together!